Smalley Expands Horizons and Welcomes New Art and Chorus Clubs

Over the past year, Smalley Elementary School has developed several extracurricular clubs to enhance students’ educational experience, including robotics, Spanish literacy, gardening, newspaper, and drama.  

As we continue to increase the opportunities available to our students, Smalley is excited to welcome two additional clubs to the line-up this year: chorus and art.  

The Chorus Club is open to fifth and sixth grade students for those who wish to participate. The advisors have high hopes for the students to perform at the Spring Open House in May, as well as looking for additional performance opportunities as they arise. This includes the chance to participate in different music activities such as Music in the Parks and Broadway Chorus Workshops.  

Students can also participate in the Art Club, which will focus on creating two and three-dimensional art. Peers will learn to work collaboratively to create decorations for school events while learning art techniques and exploring various art mediums. A few proposed activities include origami, virtual museum field trips, Bob Ross paint-alongs, and discussions about careers in the arts. The goal is to enhance students’ skills in drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design.  

“The Smalley community is very excited to add additional opportunities for extracurricular activities for our Jr. Crusaders,” said Ms. Leunig, acting principal of Smalley.