Students plant seeds in pots in classroom
Outdoor Classroom/ Gardening Club

Grades 3-6

The goal for the Outdoor Classroom/Gardening Club is to increase the quantity, quality, and benefits of outdoor experiences for children.  Students will learn to work alongside others and have a basic understanding of environmental issues and solutions. This is a hands-on experience to learn about nature, seasons, and life stages from seed to harvest.

Advisor: Ava Heidersberger –

Theatre/Drama Club

Grades 5-6

The Theatre/Drama club will expose students to the arts in the form of Musical Theater, Dance, and Acting as well as provide a creative outlet for students to express themselves and grow as an artist. Students will learn about different aspects of theater, play theater games, and will have the opportunity to learn and practice musical numbers to perform in front of an audience. In addition to a performance, we will collaborate with the Drama Club at the high school to have student role models portray the benefits of theater and extracurricular at a higher level.

Catherine Manno –
Sara Lebosky –

Robotics Club

Grades 5-6

The students in the Robotics Club will learn science, physics, STEM practices, and team building strategies to learn to compete in the future. Students will learn to build, collaborate, plan, and observe their weekly projects. We will work closely with the high school and other stakeholders to gather and use information to help build their knowledge.

Charles Osborn –
Mike Mage –

Student Council

Grade 6

Student Council is a fun club that will teach students important life and career skills that can prepare them to be better citizens and a bigger part of our school community. Student Council helps students learn public speaking skills and allows them to practice persuasive writing in an authentic way. Students can practice leadership skills and can expand their social skills by working with students from different classes and grade levels. This club will help students see that they can be change-makers in their community and allow them to design and implement community service projects. Students who participate in Student Council learn valuable life and career skills that will help prepare them for higher education and future careers. 

Jill Goldan –
Alamnia Rodriguez –
Krupa Patel –

Spanish Literacy Club

Grades 3-6

The Spanish literacy club will promote the Spanish language through books and to help improve the Spanish Language. Students will improve reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.

Victoria Cadavid –